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After Vietnam, Thailand was next and starting with Bangkok. This was my 2nd time here. I honestly didn’t enjoy Bangkok too much my first time here, but I had decided to give it another shot, this time with a bigger budget than my broke student budget from last time. Also, this time I had been lucky enough to get more insider tips of where to go and which places to check out – and this undoubtly led to me liking Bangkok a lot more this time around. I especially enjoyed Thonglor and Ekkamai area, a very hip and trendy area with a lot of locals hanging out.

The first destination of my Hello World travel was Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have previously only been to Bangkok in Southeast Asia, so it was interesting to see both the similarities and differences. One thing is for sure, the traffic in Vietnam is absolutely crazy. Even at green light crossing the road you’ll have to dodge motorbikes coming your way, the stream of motorbikes just never ends – pretty much everyone has one. I found Vietnamese people to very kind and welcoming. And it was for sure a big contrast between rich and poor in Ho Chi Minh.

Early this month I returned from traveling for almost a month in America. This was my first time going there, and I did the route of New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of nice people traveling there also. New York had my highest expectations which is also why I spent the most time there, almost 2 weeks. I stayed in an apartment, pretty much in east village. NY was really a cultural melting pot as I already knew of. I had a hard time defining what is “American” there as most of places I went seemed to always originating from somewhere else. It was the place I felt most at home in USA, and the only place I would want to return to.

In the easter of 2013, I returned to Taiwan and Taipei, merely 3 months after my first trip there. I really enjoyed it there last time and was the highlight of the China countries I went to in December, however I was there for only one week. This was a nice chance to visit the things I didn’t get to see and do last time. Now I got to see more of the areas on the outskirts or even outside the city. A little village in the mountain, an old Japanese era village etc. It was a nice break from my work to just travel, enjoy life and have fun. As always, I brought my camera with me and covered the trip.

I came to Shanghai straight from Taiwan… and it was a cold change of pace to say the last. Coming from +25 C and to -5 C gave me a cold welcome to Shanghai. Sadly this made me catch a cold right away after arrival which didn’t make my stay the most pleasant. It was hard exploring the city and staying outside that much when it was so cold. Still, I had some good moments in Shanghai. Good food, nice views, interesting Chinese nightclubs, museums and shopping in both modern and old settings. And this… concluded my journey in Asia 2012.

The next destination on my journey last December was Taiwan. It was probably the place I knew the least about, or I knew some of it’s history but not really what to expect from the place, the cities and it’s people. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Taiwan, right out of the gate. Since it’s been in conflict with China, always trying to separate itself and being an own nation, it has been getting a lot of influences from Japan, which you’ll notice right away in Taiwan. The people in Taiwan was what made the trip so much fun, they are very polite and nice, right in the same manner as Japanese. People are a lot more open in Taiwan than in Hong Kong or China, warmer people. I was staying in Taipei most of my trip and spent one day in Kaohsiung in the south of Taiwan. Taiwan has left me with the impression of streets full of mopeds, nice weather, lots of backalleys with interesting shops, night markets, late nightlife, awesome clubs and nice people.

This December I had a little round trip in Asia for 3 weeks. First stop was Hong Kong, including a 1 day trip to Macau. Hong Kong, a melting pot and where west meets the east, business and monkey talking. Macau was all about casinos and gambling, almost like the whole country(even if it’s quite small) was a theme park. Here are the photos from my first stop on my journey.

My return to Tokyo, 2 years after I was there last time. This time I had just been in South Korea 2 weeks before going to Japan, and I was traveling alone, only together with my camera by my side. Tokyo is still a wonderful place and always new things to see and experience. An urban jungle.

I was South Korea very recently, I stayed there for 2 weeks and had a really great time. I bought a new camera for the trip which I got put to the test. The Olympus OMD E-M5. A small and handy mirrorless system camera. South Korea left a lot of different impressions on me, both good and bad. But overall I really enjoyed the place and I will undoubtedly return one day. It’s a mix between modern and old cultures. Technology and temples. Seoul was the main attraction of my stay there, and I tend to seek out these megacities. Seoul has a almost a population of 24 million people in the metropolitan areas, making it one of the most populated cities on earth. Lots of people and lots of things happening.

Even though I just returned from South Korea and Japan, just 1 month before I left on that journey I was a weekend trip to Riga in Latvia. It’s about time I publish some of the photos I took there before I move on to the other material. This was a “leisure trip” together with Procontra, just for relaxation and team building as a design team and ad agency. It was an interesting and fun trip to the ex-soviet country.

I went to Lisbon, Portugal in my easter holidays. Here are the highlights of the way too many photos I took while I was there, capturing my experience of Lisbon.

Bergen is Norway’s 2nd largest city, and is known for it’s constantly rainy weather. However, in the weekend trip me and Marie took to Bergen, we pretty much avoided all rain. We got snow instead. But as it was only snowing at night, I didn’t mind it. Besides, it has now been 3 years since I have seen a real layer of snow since I’ve been in Australia for the 2 last years – and after returning to Norway I’ve been staying in Stavanger which gets more ice than snow.

Overall a very chill weekend, but quite cosy with going out on cafes and partying until early morning.

Been way too busy lately so I haven’t had time to update photos from social events and galleries in a good while. But here’s the start on trying to catch up. And too many pictures to follow in the post below!

I recently got a new job, but before I started my new job I was out drinking with my now old “work mates” at the Melvær&Lien where I had a desk as a freelancer. These are the highlights and moments captures from the two “Last Fridays”, which is their monthly drinking night together as a studio. And in the end of October it was my last last friday.

A little belated, but last month I attended a concert in the Rosenberg Hall together with Melvær & Lien. The concert was arranged by the Rosenberg Group and featured the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra together with a few different artists. And as always we started out with a few drinks before heading out.

This last Wednesday I went to the opening of Pushwagners exhibition at Galleri Sult in Stavanger. Back when I lived in Australia it was a weekly and even daily event to attend opening nights at different galleries around Melbourne – but Stavanger is a way smaller city and less events happening. Not to mention they are usually more “hidden” within the circle of friends, family and colleagues of the artist. Pushwagner on the other hand is a very well known artist, so it was a big event and I was excited to finally go to an opening night for the first time since I got home to Norway.

This weekend I was on a weekend trip together with the people from M&L going to Tone’s cabin in Lillesand – in the very south of Norway. She is kind enough to host everyone at her summerhouse/cabin. We were lucky with the weather and had a great time having a BBQ, playing in the sun and a good amount of drinks.

OFFF is a anual design festival in Europe, changing locations and this year returning to Barcelona, Spain. I went down there for my first time at OFFF, but also first time in Spain – together with the designers from M&L. Although I don’t have a lot of photos from the conferences themselves from the event since I was busy paying attention to what was being said and shown, I still feel very inspired by everything I saw. New impulses, new people and new creatives to follow for future work. Being at the event and seeing what others did, I started itching to do some creative work myself.

On my way back to Norway, moving back there from Australia, I decided to drop by Bangkok in Thailand on my way back, and took a few days off there to explore and see the place. I was lucky enough to meet locals who showed me around what Bangkok had to offer. I honestly got a bit mixed reactions of Bangkok and it has without any doubt been the most ghetto place I have ever been to so far. Very strong contrasts between the very rich and the very poor.

Me and my friends very often go to different exhibitions and opening nights around Melbourne’s massive art and design scene, and after being at a very pleasing one earlier this week, it just hit me; “I never bring my camera along”. The main reason for this is obviously that we’re having drinks and carrying equipment for $5000 around is not exactly comforting. But despite that, I decided to give it a go. And in the course of the night, we were also so lucky to be hit by a freak rainfall of 170mm rainfall in 3 hours.

Photos from my trip to Japan, Tokyo. Capturing the Japanese culture and surroundings. The locations in these photos are Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Yoyogi, Tskiji and Odaiba. One of my biggest regret from my trip was to not bringing my professional camera along when I went to the Tokyo Tower, so sadly no city overview – which I just have to say was amazing. That is on my “To do”-list for next time I go to Tokyo.