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August 3, 2015

nord.lys – Geir Strandenæs Larsen

“nord.lys” is the debut solo album to Norwegian artist Geir Strandenæs Larsen. He plays handpan music inspired by the beautiful Norwegian nature, in a relaxing manner. “Nordlys” in Norwegians means “northern nights”, which takes center stage on the album by having a wave / ribbon inspired by the northern lights flow through. The CD itself is blank with white print on it, and the reflections on the surface is representing the northern light.

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May 7, 2015

Back in Norway at long last.

After traveling the world for 1,5 years, going to Oceania, Asia, America and South America – I’m finally back in Norway. I have been back for 1 week already but took me a little while to get down to actually writing this update status. It’s been a rollercoaster for sure, both in term of all the things I’ve seen, done and experienced – as well as the freelance work itself. While I enjoy freelancing a lot, especially the freedom, it’s also quite unstable in terms of work. Because of this I have concluded that I should get a full time job in Norway now that I’m back.

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June 29, 2013
Comments Off on Featured in Victionary’s So1o 2uo 3rio

Featured in Victionary’s So1o 2uo 3rio

I’m very happy to be featured in Victionary’s latest book: So1o 2uo 3rio. The book speaks with 30 different designers from 18 different countries in their artistic challenges and experiences. The book is divided into 3 different sections, the solo freelancers, duo studios and trio studios. My feature is spanning 10 pages in the so1o section, as a solo freelancer and solo designer on agency projects. All people I’ve worked with on the projects are also credited in the book. I have to say, the book looks very sleek! I’ve added some photos from my feature below, but if you wish you buy the book, head over to

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June 26, 2013

Lervig 10th Anniversary beer

Lervig started their brewery back in 2003, and now as it’s their 10th anniversary they decided to make a limited edition beer as a celebration, only sold directly at the brewery. The design tells the story of how it started with key words that changed from where they started and where they are now through a typography solution, that falls in similar old style category as the design style of their previous beers. The four pack consisted of 2 of each 2003 and 2013 editions and a little surprise as you open it you’re welcomed with “Enjoy your lervig” written under the closing mechanism. The design was printed as silver on pure black to emphasise both the exclusivity of the limited edition beer and a suitable combination for their anniversary.

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June 26, 2013
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Photos form Grafill Sommerfest 2013

The Grafill Sommerfest 2013 in Stavanger took place on June 7th and was a summer party for everyone in the design, advertisement and illustration business in Stavanger. I was part of organizing the event and also did the visual identity, which you can see in it’s full presentation here. The party started on a boat which took us over to the eastern Stavanger were we went to Tou Sceene and had a presentation by TwoPoints.Net before we continued to party.

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June 9, 2013

Grafill Sommerfest 2013

Grafill is the interest organization for visual design and illustration in Norway. As well as being part of organizing their annual summer party in Stavanger, Norway, I also designed the identity and poster design for the event. Sommerfest 2013! Visualizing the span and variety of design all coming together within the same party I decided to create a set of different type styles all working together in a natural way within the same frame. The orange was chosen was a warm colour as well as a very strong contrast to the otherwise black / white design.

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Stavanger, fall 2012
October 30, 2012

Stavanger, fall 2012

Recent photographs from Stavanger, Norway in the fall of 2012. Exhibitions, street art festivals, Stavanger concerthall and drinks. A collection of random shots from different event.

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June 10, 2012

MARULK party invitation

ENI Norway had a party to celebrate the production start at their Marulk oil field. The name itself comes from the fish Marulk which are found at the deepest waters, since they’re gathering oil from the very bottom of the sea over to a tanker.

For their party they wanted an interesting invitation. So we came up with the idea of creating 5 different invitation based on the 5 different names of the fish in English, which are: Sea Devil, Fishing Frog, Frog Fish, Monkfish and Angler. These typographic solutions where printed as tags and the t-shirts themselves were sent out as the invitation to the party.

The type lettering takes inspiration from shapes in both the oil field and the fish itself.

This was created as Procontra.

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April 16, 2012
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Fenomenon is a Norwegian electronica band from Stavanger. Together with Petter Skogheim, we designed their newest album, simply called “Fenomenon”. We decided to build on the idea of a phenomenon, and saw that in light casting and refractions. So the cover itself shows inverted light refractions, which is a quite subtle and beautiful phenomenon.

You can listen to the album here: Fenomenon on Spotify.

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February 20, 2012
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Jishin CD Album

Jishin is a Norwegian industrial metal band located in Oslo. I was contacted to make their debut album “JISHIN” almost 1 year ago and everything went well until contract issues surfaced. For about 10 months this album has been kept on hold, but finally put to print in a limited promo run. The album art itself is a visualization of the of their gritty music and expression.

You can listen to some of their music at soundcloud.

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January 30, 2012
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Possession – The unholy wine collection

Possession is a limited edition unholy wine collection, featuring “Evil Demon – Bloody Shiraz”, “Haunting Ghost – Spooky Cabernet” and “Old Witch – Cursed Pinot Noir”. All the wines comes in a solid coffin shaped glossy casing, which adds to the exclusiveness of the wine series. Each are based on different occult themes as satanism, the paranormal and witchcraft. The type design on each bottle reflects it’s theme and was made in a rough way to contrast the otherwise clean setup and design, to give it more of an edgy look.
This is a self initialized conceptual design.

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January 23, 2012
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Sandnes Typography Ad

This is an a dual advertisement that ran in the local region newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad advertising for the city of Sandnes and it’s recent achievements. One of them being awarded as Norway’s 2nd best city for doing business. Based on value words I created a typographic illustration shaped as the city coat of arms.

This work was created as Procontra.

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December 19, 2011

Weekend trip to Bergen.

Bergen is Norway’s 2nd largest city, and is known for it’s constantly rainy weather. However, in the weekend trip me and Marie took to Bergen, we pretty much avoided all rain. We got snow instead. But as it was only snowing at night, I didn’t mind it. Besides, it has now been 3 years since I have seen a real layer of snow since I’ve been in Australia for the 2 last years – and after returning to Norway I’ve been staying in Stavanger which gets more ice than snow.

Overall a very chill weekend, but quite cosy with going out on cafes and partying until early morning.

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Catholic Church
December 12, 2011

Friendly feature: Arvid Skimmeland

This is the first time I’m doing this, but I think it’s even about time I throw out a little word to some of my friends and family in the art and design business, everyone could always do with a little more exposure.
First one out, is Arvid Skimmeland.

He’s a freelance illustrator who got his bachelor degree in England a couple of years ago. He does everything hand drawn which is a nice contrast and natural twist to all the very digitally worked art and illustrations now a days, which I’m “guilty” of as well. Enjoy.

You can see more of his work and contact him here:


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Last Last Friday
November 22, 2011

My last last fridays.

Been way too busy lately so I haven’t had time to update photos from social events and galleries in a good while. But here’s the start on trying to catch up. And too many pictures to follow in the post below!

I recently got a new job, but before I started my new job I was out drinking with my now old “work mates” at the Melvær&Lien where I had a desk as a freelancer. These are the highlights and moments captures from the two “Last Fridays”, which is their monthly drinking night together as a studio. And in the end of October it was my last last friday.
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