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October 13, 2014


I stayed in Jakarta earlier this year for 1 week and here are a random collection of photographs I took during my stay. Jakarta was mix of different sides. Everything from more modern and sleek places to a lot of ghetto and chaos. Mostly the latter one. A lot of street food and general businesses operating on a street level. I was lucky enough to meet some nice locals during my stay as well.

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March 24, 2011
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On my way back to Norway, moving back there from Australia, I decided to drop by Bangkok in Thailand on my way back, and took a few days off there to explore and see the place. I was lucky enough to meet locals who showed me around what Bangkok had to offer. I honestly got a bit mixed reactions of Bangkok and it has without any doubt been the most ghetto place I have ever been to so far. Very strong contrasts between the very rich and the very poor.
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May 24, 2009
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Lumberjack girl

Trying out something new! Believe it or not, but my model Aud is actually educated as a lumberjack, no joke! I like to show some of the personality to the model in the shoot, to make it more natural for them, instead of putting them into a situation which they either find uncomfortable or can’t relate to at all. Usually just adding some of their twist into the shoot… but this time we decided to do a shoot purely dedicated to her “work”. Not to mention, that’s the last thing you’d expect a model to be educated as.
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