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January 30, 2012
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Possession – The unholy wine collection

Possession is a limited edition unholy wine collection, featuring “Evil Demon – Bloody Shiraz”, “Haunting Ghost – Spooky Cabernet” and “Old Witch – Cursed Pinot Noir”. All the wines comes in a solid coffin shaped glossy casing, which adds to the exclusiveness of the wine series. Each are based on different occult themes as satanism, the paranormal and witchcraft. The type design on each bottle reflects it’s theme and was made in a rough way to contrast the otherwise clean setup and design, to give it more of an edgy look.
This is a self initialized conceptual design.

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LE PÊCHÊ at the dieline
June 2, 2010

Featured on!

I woke up this morning, and as always I check my email to see what’s going on. Right away I noticed I had received a lot of emails which of course made me curious what was going on. And guess what(which you’ve obviously figured out already based on the title of this blog entry…), I’ve been featured on thedieline! :) The world’s biggest packaging design website. Thank you dieline-people!

LE PÊCHÊ at the dieline

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December 27, 2009
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Absolut Insanity / Madness

This is a fictional concept design for the Absolut Vodka range, adding a creative and mad and insane mix to it all. It comes in 2 different variations; “Absolut Insanity” and “Absolut Madness”. All over the bottle there are different figures and random things going on, always something new to read each time you pick up the bottle. I like the Absolut Vodka range and I always wanted to make my own version; here is my take on it:
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