Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Pace & love is a little journal for ALIGN, a supplier of production- and safety critical equipment and solutions, showing their company values; Professional, Ambitious, Caring and Enthusiastic. Because of the season, they wanted a flavour of christmas added to the illustrations in the journal. For the project I decided to build the Pace & Love typography out of tools related to engineering and safety equipment, especially when building emphasis on the letters and their values. The typography is build up from over 100 deep etched objects. I did the typography, design and illustrations for this project.

This work was created as Procontra.

Resist is the name of the RMIT Printmaking graduate exhibition of 2010, exhibiting the graduates in bachelor and honours. I designed both the catalogue and the invite to the exhibition, with the additional help from Tara De Pasquale who helped out a lot with communicating with printers, finding the right paper stock and keeping everything within the budget applied by our editor team with the printmakers.

Inferno is a self promoting illustration journal, displaying and featuring my illustration work. It’s main theme is the first part called “Inferno”(hell), picturing sad and hurting feelings in combination of horrible visuals. The idea in technique was to combine the flowing paint together with hard and geometric lines as a contrast, where the geometric lines are “responding” to the illustrations. The book comes with a slip cover. The 2nd part of the book is called “Four eyed girls”, and as the title says, is all about girls with glasses.