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July 28, 2015

39 Days of Animated Type

Inspired by the recent “36 days of type” I decided to create a personal project for self development in animation / motion graphics, with the daily typography as a basis for this. So the challenge was to not only design / illustrate, but also animate a letter / number every single day for 39 days. Click read more to view the video.

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March 23, 2015

Dante’s Inferno

“Abandon all hope those who enter here” is how the journey starts for Dante as he descends through hell’s nine circles. Join the decent in this typographic visualisation of the different stages of hell according to Dante’s epic poem. All of the circles – limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery – has been animated into a short motion graphics video. Turn up the volume and let the descent begin.

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December 27, 2014


An eventful and exciting year has just passed and I’m counting down the days until we move into a new year, with new and fun challenges ahead. The art style is inspired by technology and more specifically the classic TV test screens, as a little tribute to the Y2K craze linked to New Years Eve – the fear of computers crashing, losing connection and moving into the new and unknown era of technology controlling our lives. Happy New Years everyone!

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June 26, 2013

Lervig 10th Anniversary beer

Lervig started their brewery back in 2003, and now as it’s their 10th anniversary they decided to make a limited edition beer as a celebration, only sold directly at the brewery. The design tells the story of how it started with key words that changed from where they started and where they are now through a typography solution, that falls in similar old style category as the design style of their previous beers. The four pack consisted of 2 of each 2003 and 2013 editions and a little surprise as you open it you’re welcomed with “Enjoy your lervig” written under the closing mechanism. The design was printed as silver on pure black to emphasise both the exclusivity of the limited edition beer and a suitable combination for their anniversary.

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June 26, 2013
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Photos form Grafill Sommerfest 2013

The Grafill Sommerfest 2013 in Stavanger took place on June 7th and was a summer party for everyone in the design, advertisement and illustration business in Stavanger. I was part of organizing the event and also did the visual identity, which you can see in it’s full presentation here. The party started on a boat which took us over to the eastern Stavanger were we went to Tou Sceene and had a presentation by TwoPoints.Net before we continued to party.

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June 9, 2013

Grafill Sommerfest 2013

Grafill is the interest organization for visual design and illustration in Norway. As well as being part of organizing their annual summer party in Stavanger, Norway, I also designed the identity and poster design for the event. Sommerfest 2013! Visualizing the span and variety of design all coming together within the same party I decided to create a set of different type styles all working together in a natural way within the same frame. The orange was chosen was a warm colour as well as a very strong contrast to the otherwise black / white design.

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June 10, 2012

MARULK party invitation

ENI Norway had a party to celebrate the production start at their Marulk oil field. The name itself comes from the fish Marulk which are found at the deepest waters, since they’re gathering oil from the very bottom of the sea over to a tanker.

For their party they wanted an interesting invitation. So we came up with the idea of creating 5 different invitation based on the 5 different names of the fish in English, which are: Sea Devil, Fishing Frog, Frog Fish, Monkfish and Angler. These typographic solutions where printed as tags and the t-shirts themselves were sent out as the invitation to the party.

The type lettering takes inspiration from shapes in both the oil field and the fish itself.

This was created as Procontra.

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February 20, 2012
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Jishin CD Album

Jishin is a Norwegian industrial metal band located in Oslo. I was contacted to make their debut album “JISHIN” almost 1 year ago and everything went well until contract issues surfaced. For about 10 months this album has been kept on hold, but finally put to print in a limited promo run. The album art itself is a visualization of the of their gritty music and expression.

You can listen to some of their music at soundcloud.

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January 30, 2012
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Possession – The unholy wine collection

Possession is a limited edition unholy wine collection, featuring “Evil Demon – Bloody Shiraz”, “Haunting Ghost – Spooky Cabernet” and “Old Witch – Cursed Pinot Noir”. All the wines comes in a solid coffin shaped glossy casing, which adds to the exclusiveness of the wine series. Each are based on different occult themes as satanism, the paranormal and witchcraft. The type design on each bottle reflects it’s theme and was made in a rough way to contrast the otherwise clean setup and design, to give it more of an edgy look.
This is a self initialized conceptual design.

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Double Vision
November 14, 2011
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Double Vision

Pouring down drinks, starting to blur the lines and lose focus of the image, like watching a 3D movie but lacking both the extra dimension as well as the glasses. Giving you a double vision.
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October 17, 2011
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Casanova Typeface

I decided to make another typeface after working on some custom typography for another project, and I liked the interesting idea of having the typeface work with angles and direction with very strong base shapes most letters are based on and having thinner lines actually define the letter. It’s not a very ordinary font made for legibility, almost an arrogant font in it’s carelessness towards the reader – hence the name – but still has style and interesting ways to set the letters together.
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Ruben Hestholm
October 7, 2011
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Ruben Hestholm

Visual identity for Ruben Hestholm, a Norwegian photographer in the Sandnes / Stavanger area.
He mainly focuses on family, youth, pregnancy, children portraits.

When he approached me, he explained he wanted to enter the commercial marked, and the first step into the marked was by coming to me to get a complete overhaul on his visual identity and style, for a lot more clean, modern profile with style, to appeal to his new audience. The design was also made in mind to not turn off current customers, so the identity didn’t go too radical.

The identity is based on different cameras on the different surfaces.
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Choose Your Dose
September 20, 2011
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Choose your dose

Who doesn’t love coffee? I can at least testify that I freaking love it and it’s a huge part of my everyday life and creative process. But which dose is the right for you? And what is the outcome of the different dosages of coffee? I have created a series of posters, cards and coffee cups called “Choose your dose” to guide you to the right level on coffee intake. Find your dosage below.
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September 12, 2011
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Applaud is a business with the main focus on creating apps for all the different devices and platforms on the market. They just recently launched and I was hired in to do their main photo for the website and catalogue. The photographs shows off the different devices they create apps for.
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Heart Attack
August 17, 2011
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Heart Attack

As most of you people know, on the 22nd of July 2011 there was two attacks that happened in Norway, a bombing of the government block in Oslo and then a shooting that took place at an island called Utøya about 1 hours drive outside of Oslo. Both of these hideous crimes was performed by the same guy who’s a social outcast and right wing as his “revenge” on society. The guy was thankfully caught.

Not long after this happened, Positive Posters released their brief on this years poster competition and based on the brief this was the first event that came to mind for me, so I decided to make a poster about the recent events, mainly focusing on Utøya but still keep it as a motivational poster as in reminding of the tragedy but still showing how well people kept together and opened themselves to others afterwards.
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Resturante X
July 1, 2011
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Resturante X

Restrurante X is a high end, young and edgy restaurant focusing on delivering an amazing dining experience in Stavanger, Norway – or for those who just want to sit down for some exclusive drinks. I created the identity, as well as it’s own custom monolined typeface called “Resturante X Regular”, used in the logo and overall the identity. The identity uses both a emblem/seal logo and a regular logo and together with the strong yellow colour it creates a strong contrast.
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