Back in Norway at long last.

After traveling the world for 1,5 years, going to Oceania, Asia, America and South America – I’m finally back in Norway. I have been back for 1 week already but took me a little while to get down to actually writing this update status. It’s been a rollercoaster for sure, both in term of all the things I’ve seen, done and experienced – as well as the freelance work itself. While I enjoy freelancing a lot, especially the freedom, it’s also quite unstable in terms of work. Because of this I have concluded that I should get a full time job in Norway now that I’m back.

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17 countries, 22 destinations, 37 flights, 3 by train / bus and countless hours on the go. One of my biggest regrets about my travel is not documenting better all the different work stations I’ve had during my journey. From all the different apartments I’ve been working at to cafés and even at airport on rare occasions of very rushed deadline. It would have been interesting to compare them all side by side. Sadly I only took photo of a very few of my working desks.

Currently I’m staying in Sandnes / Stavanger, working on a very few freelance jobs and preparing for two presentations I’m bound to have later this month at Grafill Stavanger and Grafill Haugaland’s summer parties. I’ll be having a short presentation of how it is to travel the world while working as a freelancer and also talk a little about my work. If you happen to be in either Stavanger or Haugesund, then join the party!

To talk about my travel and experiences, it’s difficult to know which end to even start at. Sometimes I end up talking too much about the most recent events and locations of my travel, simply because those are in freshest memory. When you constantly travel like I did, always meeting new people and frequently changing locations, it’s a stream of new impressions at every corner, possibly even an overflow of impressions. For my presentation and when talking about the journey, I’ll have to rise down my whole travel, find the focus points, both the grander happenings as well as small quirky stuff.

About where I’ll end up regarding full time job… time remains to tell.

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