“Hello World” and status!

Hello everyone! And Hello World!

I have to admit I have been way too bad at staying up to date with current events on my website blog lately. It’s been a busy year. I usually post my news through my facebook page, which is a lot more convenient.

However, it’s about time I start to be more active on my blog also. A huge event coming up: HELLO WORLD! What is that? Simply put, for all of 2014 I will be traveling the world. I quit my full time job at procontra after working there for 2 years, and will now go full time freelance while I travel the world. As I’m writing this it’s under 2 weeks until I leave, on December 8th. My first destinations are Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. I will be staying for 2 months in Australia and have my work base there until I move to next destination – not determined yet.

So why in the world am I doing this? First of all because I love travel and I am always looking forward for my next journey. But why walk around in circles waiting to travel again and not just spend all my time travel? So thats what I decided to do! Besides, I’m young, single and far from established/stuck in Stavabger – so I went ahead and grabbed my chance. This is something I’m gonna have to do now or I will spend the rest of my life regretting it. It will be a huge change of pace in my life, and a big challenge to both return to freelance but also see how it is to work when I’m constantly on the go, or at least for shorter time at one location.


“Hello World” is also a design project I will keep updating as I go. I will design a poster for each destination I go to.
Go here to see the project: danielbrokstad.com/portfolio/hello-world/


I will also be posting photography series from places I’ve visited.

Stay tuned! Follow me on facebook for the most recent updates. :)

November 14, 2013

TEN x SIXTEEN x SIXTY – Lervig Stensrud poster

January 5, 2014

Ho Chi Minh City