I was South Korea very recently, I stayed there for 2 weeks and had a really great time. I bought a new camera for the trip which I got put to the test. The Olympus OMD E-M5. A small and handy mirrorless system camera. South Korea left a lot of different impressions on me, both good and bad. But overall I really enjoyed the place and I will undoubtedly return one day. It’s a mix between modern and old cultures. Technology and temples. Seoul was the main attraction of my stay there, and I tend to seek out these megacities. Seoul has a almost a population of 24 million people in the metropolitan areas, making it one of the most populated cities on earth. Lots of people and lots of things happening.

I was recently featured in Victionary‘s newest book on identity design; Identity Suite, and just received the book. It was the Ruben Hestholm identity that was featured in the book.
They write:

Apart from photographic skills, a photographer’s tool is also crucial to producing distinctive quality in pictures. For a modern language that talks to families, young lovers and newly-wedded, a much straightforward character was composed for Hestholm using forms and colours commonly found on cameras. Specific items, such as the envelopes, business cards and CD sleeves, are tailed to tally with the measurements of his gear and encompassing mastery.

Even though I just returned from South Korea and Japan, just 1 month before I left on that journey I was a weekend trip to Riga in Latvia. It’s about time I publish some of the photos I took there before I move on to the other material. This was a “leisure trip” together with Procontra, just for relaxation and team building as a design team and ad agency. It was an interesting and fun trip to the ex-soviet country.