Pace & love is a little journal for ALIGN, a supplier of production- and safety critical equipment and solutions, showing their company values; Professional, Ambitious, Caring and Enthusiastic. Because of the season, they wanted a flavour of christmas added to the illustrations in the journal. For the project I decided to build the Pace & Love typography out of tools related to engineering and safety equipment, especially when building emphasis on the letters and their values. The typography is build up from over 100 deep etched objects. I did the typography, design and illustrations for this project.

This work was created as Procontra.

As a yearly tradition at Procontra, they always give away a donation to different causes in the christmas season to spred joy and help others. This year, we decided to donate money to the Movember movement and support prostate cancer. In that occasion, we made a movemeber themed christmas card, which include a moustache for the ones who didn’t save up for one during Movember or had not heard about the movement yet, and we encourage people to take photos of themselves wearing the moustache to continue supporting Movember, all the way until christmas. The tagline on the front says “Movember lasts until Christmas”. I did the design and illustration for this project.

This work was created as Procontra.

Check out the campaign, photos and videos at Procontra’s facebook page.

This is the first time I’m doing this, but I think it’s even about time I throw out a little word to some of my friends and family in the art and design business, everyone could always do with a little more exposure.
First one out, is Arvid Skimmeland.

He’s a freelance illustrator who got his bachelor degree in England a couple of years ago. He does everything hand drawn which is a nice contrast and natural twist to all the very digitally worked art and illustrations now a days, which I’m “guilty” of as well. Enjoy.

You can see more of his work and contact him here:

[email protected]