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Ekte Klang
October 21, 2011

Night Out: Ekte Klang

A little belated, but last month I attended a concert in the Rosenberg Hall together with Melvær & Lien. The concert was arranged by the Rosenberg Group and featured the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra together with a few different artists. And as always we started out with a few drinks before heading out.
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October 17, 2011
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Casanova Typeface

I decided to make another typeface after working on some custom typography for another project, and I liked the interesting idea of having the typeface work with angles and direction with very strong base shapes most letters are based on and having thinner lines actually define the letter. It’s not a very ordinary font made for legibility, almost an arrogant font in it’s carelessness towards the reader – hence the name – but still has style and interesting ways to set the letters together.
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Ruben Hestholm
October 7, 2011
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Ruben Hestholm

Visual identity for Ruben Hestholm, a Norwegian photographer in the Sandnes / Stavanger area.
He mainly focuses on family, youth, pregnancy, children portraits.

When he approached me, he explained he wanted to enter the commercial marked, and the first step into the marked was by coming to me to get a complete overhaul on his visual identity and style, for a lot more clean, modern profile with style, to appeal to his new audience. The design was also made in mind to not turn off current customers, so the identity didn’t go too radical.

The identity is based on different cameras on the different surfaces.
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