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Heart Attack

As most of you people know, on the 22nd of July 2011 there was two attacks that happened in Norway, a bombing of the government block in Oslo and then a shooting that took place at an island called Utøya about 1 hours drive outside of Oslo. Both of these hideous crimes was performed by the same guy who’s a social outcast and right wing as his “revenge” on society. The guy was thankfully caught.

Not long after this happened, Positive Posters released their brief on this years poster competition and based on the brief this was the first event that came to mind for me, so I decided to make a poster about the recent events, mainly focusing on Utøya but still keep it as a motivational poster as in reminding of the tragedy but still showing how well people kept together and opened themselves to others afterwards.

My rationale:
My poster is based on the attacks in Norway, with focus on Utøya where 69 people got killed. The shape of the heart is the same shape as the island where the massacre happened. “Heart Attack” has a double meaning on how it shocked us and the attacks that took place there. After the tragedy, it shows people coming together, solidarity and companionship.

You can support the cause and the poster on Positive Poster’s pages by clicking here.

The full poster “Heart Attack”:
Heart Attack



Close up of the small text:
Heart Attack



Detail shots:
Heart Attack


Heart Attack

Let’s just hope something like this won’t happen again.

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