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Me and my friends very often go to different exhibitions and opening nights around Melbourne’s massive art and design scene, and after being at a very pleasing one earlier this week, it just hit me; “I never bring my camera along”. The main reason for this is obviously that we’re having drinks and carrying equipment for $5000 around is not exactly comforting. But despite that, I decided to give it a go. And in the course of the night, we were also so lucky to be hit by a freak rainfall of 170mm rainfall in 3 hours.

Packaging design and especially beverages design have grown to become one of my favorite fields of interest within design, which is why I like to stay up to date and look for inspiration from other great work on the net. That's why thedieline is one of my favorite design blogs I keep up to date with on the work being featured, and I'm happy to announce my 2nd feature there. The featured piece is the Mother's Ruin premium london dry gin. You can check out the link at the dieline here: