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This photo series is expressing the feeling of having insomnia and being restless, of not being able to fall asleep, waking up in the morning and feeling unrested and restless. It’s one of the most frustrating feelings of actually being tired, wanting to sleep, but simply not being able to by your body or mind, out of your control and will. It will just make you go crazy at some point.

Resist is the name of the RMIT Printmaking graduate exhibition of 2010, exhibiting the graduates in bachelor and honours. I designed both the catalogue and the invite to the exhibition, with the additional help from Tara De Pasquale who helped out a lot with communicating with printers, finding the right paper stock and keeping everything within the budget applied by our editor team with the printmakers.

For a long time I’ve been a fan of old cameras and the unique images they produce, but also vintage fashion and the two combined. In recent years the vintage fashion have expanded a lot and it has become a lot more popular, and there are several magazines with editorial photography based on the vintage feel. So.. I wanted to have my own take on it, give it a nice summer feeling, light clothing, washed out colours and sunbeams.
So on a warm weekend day, we went down to Fitzroy gardens for a shoot.

One stop closer to the graduation ceremony! We have already had our graduation party called "Back to Black", and on monday the 8th of November we had launched our RMIT design graduates website called "On The Corner", with drinks and food. Sadly I didn't bring a camera, so no photos from the event, but at least check out the website. Thanks to everyone who made the website and the event possible, not to mention the people who showed up for the launch. On The Corner

Klaatu Barada Nikto is a sub series of the “Four Eyed Girls” and was featured in the Inferno Illustration Journal in the very back, but it was mainly made as it’s own series of girls with glasses… and monsters! To spice things up a little than just having girls. The name of the series comes from the classic phrase in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, a science fiction movie from 1951. I used this name since I wanted to add the feel to this illustration series of being a bit old school in it’s style, being inspired from 50s science fiction movies and cartoon series. Drawn by hand and coloured in photoshop.

Inferno is a self promoting illustration journal, displaying and featuring my illustration work. It’s main theme is the first part called “Inferno”(hell), picturing sad and hurting feelings in combination of horrible visuals. The idea in technique was to combine the flowing paint together with hard and geometric lines as a contrast, where the geometric lines are “responding” to the illustrations. The book comes with a slip cover. The 2nd part of the book is called “Four eyed girls”, and as the title says, is all about girls with glasses.

The SCANART 2010 Exhibition Catalogue

I’m happy to announce I was featured in the yearly Melbourne art exhibition called “SCANART”, organized by ANSA, featuring young artists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and collecting charity for children in Vietnam. The exhibition was held at 1000 £ Bend in the Melbourne CBD, and we had an awesome opening night with almost 500 people coming through the door to check out the artworks and join us for some drinks.

I might not have had a direct urge to inflict pain to others or get into a real fight anytime soon, but I what I really felt like doing was visualizing it. Together with the local Melbourne metal band; Naberus and the MUA; Tania we came together to create a fight scene amongst the band members. Kicks and punches where delivered, and a mash up like this have never looks better before, despite it also having a slight disturb factor. This was also a good chance for Tania to show her special effects make up skills.

Equipped with a camera, wide angle lens and an iPod, I walked the streets of Melbourne and collected random shots of the urban city life of Melbourne. The wide angle shots created a very unique and interesting super wide/stretched look to the photos which makes it feel as if you’re seeing it through my eyes.

Photos from my trip to Japan, Tokyo. Capturing the Japanese culture and surroundings. The locations in these photos are Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Yoyogi, Tskiji and Odaiba. One of my biggest regret from my trip was to not bringing my professional camera along when I went to the Tokyo Tower, so sadly no city overview – which I just have to say was amazing. That is on my “To do”-list for next time I go to Tokyo.