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December 27, 2009
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Absolut Insanity / Madness

This is a fictional concept design for the Absolut Vodka range, adding a creative and mad and insane mix to it all. It comes in 2 different variations; “Absolut Insanity” and “Absolut Madness”. All over the bottle there are different figures and random things going on, always something new to read each time you pick up the bottle. I like the Absolut Vodka range and I always wanted to make my own version; here is my take on it:
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November 1, 2009
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Punk in the City

Amee from Perth joined me for a shoot while she was in Melbourne, punky look, little clothing and awesome makeup by Merav Katz. Alphie LaFray was supposed to join us for this shoot, but had to cancel last minute. The shoot went good still. It was done at the edge of the CBD, which equals a lot of crowd and people overall. So we had a few people peeking in during our shoot, but went good for the most part. And the shots ended up awesome:
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October 21, 2009
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Night Lights

Out of focus lights! Something so simple but yet so beautiful. These shots where taken while filming for the mime video I did. Pictures taken at Degraves St and at the Yarra Bridge in the evening. Not much more to say, enjoy:
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October 9, 2009

Goth Documentary [Video]

This is an interesting project. In our photography class at RMIT we where sent out to document a story, take photos and make a video montage of the photos with audio recording. I had a lot of problems choosing what to do, but eventually I stumbled up on a model named Rebecca that’s a goth… and I made her tell me her story why she’s a goth, and what makes her a goth.

I went home to her place one night when she just finished work and was expecting some friends to come over. I followed her through the process of just being an everyday girl working at target and then changing over to the goth girl. Getting drunk, and partying with friends. Here’s her story:

May 24, 2009
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Lumberjack girl

Trying out something new! Believe it or not, but my model Aud is actually educated as a lumberjack, no joke! I like to show some of the personality to the model in the shoot, to make it more natural for them, instead of putting them into a situation which they either find uncomfortable or can’t relate to at all. Usually just adding some of their twist into the shoot… but this time we decided to do a shoot purely dedicated to her “work”. Not to mention, that’s the last thing you’d expect a model to be educated as.
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April 30, 2009
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Old Stavanger

I’ve always been very fond of dirty back alleys and interesting locations for my shoots, instead of always having a static studio background. So I started going scouting around Stavanger for some interesting locations, and found this place between some of the city’s nightclubs and where Old Stavanger starts. And then gave the shoot a bit of a fall feel with monotone colours.
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